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Designer smock wear for salon and spa professionals

Choosing the very best salon aprons requires careful consideration of a number of factors. These factors include style, functionality, and protection provided by the aprons. While aprons can be purchased in bulk for use by professionals such as hairstylists, nail techs, estheticians, beauticians, makeup artists, restaurant hosts, and pet groomers, nothing comes close to the unique stylish salon aprons that feature fashionable designs without compromising the functionality.
Salon and Spa Wear must be of a really high quality. This is why whenever choosing a salon apron, it must be ensured that the fabric used provides ample protection against chemicals such as bleach, and that the fabric itself is durable. Today, designers have made a huge impact on spa wear by offering trendy designs that boosts confidence of spa staff and that goes a long way in promoting client loyalty. These new designer salon aprons developed by apparel designers have all the standard features of a basic cover up, including the property of being water repellent and bleach resistant; however, on top of that, the highly durable fabric provides utmost protection along with unique, one-of-a-kind designs that are bound to make its wearer look more professional.
These unique designs create a lively and fun atmosphere in the salon, with the ability to have the salon aprons customized with salon and spa logos to add to the professional look. Wide pockets ensure that stylists and beauticians can keep the required equipment at hand so that their efficiency is further enhanced.
The Ladybird Line team consists of fashion experts who have been bringing together functionality and exclusive design of uniforms for the restaurant and catering industry for over two decades. The Ladybird Line now offers unique, trendy salon and spa wear for professionals made with highly durable fabrics.